How You Can Help


The support of donors like you allows Loves Arm to reach out to the marginalized broken ones, women and men scarred by abuse, life and addiction. People desperately need to know that life can be filled with purpose and love redeems us. Love’s Arm is going with Christ into the darkest areas of our community--the streets, strip clubs and internet sites of Chattanooga. Caught in prostitution, stripping, addiction and internet sex trafficking it seems impossible to get out. It is our call to live in grace and unconditional love in establishing and nurturing Gospel centered relationships that offer a way out. We listen, pray and meet the practical needs of  food, clothing, health and personal care items as well as transition those who are ready to residential recovery programs in TN, GA and AL. In 2018 we opened Rahab’s Rest twenty-four month cost free holistic recovery home for women exiting addiction related prostitution in Chattanooga. At Rahab’s Rest women receive addiction recovery, healthcare, mental health, counseling services and educational training. Love's Arm will also establish a justice enterprise small business to employ and empower those in residence at Rahab's Rest. 

You have the  opportunity to collaborate with us by providing one-time gifts as well as dedicated monthly support. Monthly support provides us with steady income so we can concentrate on engaging, empowering, transitioning and advocating for those whose voice has been lost in the byways of our culture.  We are reminded that what we do "for the least of these," we do for Jesus himself. Please consider giving today. Any gift is greatly appreciated. 

Volunteering (Women Only) 

  • Street Outreach engaging in relationships with those in street prostitution

  • Core Civic Silverdale Class Bible Study Leader

  • Post-Release Mentor/Sponsorship through Upper Room

  • Strip Club Outreach engaging in relationships in the strip club

  • Internet Outreach engaging in relationships with internet workers

  • Ready Writers engaging in relationships through letters & visitation with inmates

  • Rahab’s Rest engaging in relationships with our community members in residence

Prayer Partnering

Please provide your email address and contact information through the contact form and we will follow up with you regarding specific requests.

Songs of DeliverancE 

For most people, it is difficult to relate to the brokenness and needs of the people we love and serve. Our Songs of Deliverance Panel is nothing short of amazing! These three women with their own powerful testimonies bring much understanding to the Body of Christ about God’s limitless grace and unfailing love for us all especially those trapped in the byways of life in addiction-related prostitution. Call 423-580-6553 to have us come to your church or small group.



addiction/prostitution/sex trafficking helpline

423 500-0400



Our programs operate on support from donors like you. Whether $1, $300, or $1,000, every dollar goes toward helping the sexually enslaved move into a community of grace.